Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“Then Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentiles; and he did eat and drink, and rose up, and went his way: thus Esau despised his birthright.”¬†Genesis 25:34

Before Rebekah gave birth to the twins, Esau and Jacob, the Lord told her that the elder son, Esau, would serve the younger son, Jacob. One day, Esau came from the field feeling faint from want of food and found Jacob boiling lentils. When Esau asked Jacob for some of the food, Jacob offered a meal in exchange for Esau’s birthright, which normally went to the elder son. Esau agreed, selling his birthright for bread and bean soup.

We can think of no more graphic illustration in the Word of God of someone who forfeited something of great value in exchange for something that was, comparatively speaking, worthless. Esau represents for us the foolish priorities of the carnally minded man. Driven by his craving for the satisfaction of his flesh, he gave up his inheritance. Our Scripture tells us “Esau despised his birthright.” He did not place the value or importance on his birthright that should have been given to it. The lust for immediate satisfaction took precedence over the desire for future benefits and blessings. Esau is a picture of FORFEITED BLESSINGS.

One can only imagine how many blessings we too might have forfeited in our lifetime. It would probably be overwhelming to consider. I have personally wondered if there might be a time at the Judgment Seat Of Christ when we are allowed to see what could have been. What opportunities did we waste? What promptings did we ignore? What blessings could have been ours?

How is it that we forfeit blessings that we might have received otherwise? There are many ways, but we are certain that a common way could be called “the way of Esau.” Like Esau, we have all been guilty at some point of choosing immediate gratification instead of future blessing. Making impulsive decisions based on carnal desires rather than deliberately choosing God’s best is never wise. God’s blessings do not always come immediately. Sometimes we may have to patiently wait for what is best and blessed. Here is another lesson to learn about THE BLESSED MAN. To experience God’s blessings, we must resist temptations to put carnal desires before spiritual inheritance.