Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.”¬†Psalm 1:1

As we consider the path of promised blessing, the Word of God directs us to the matter of our associations. Certain blessings will be enjoyed or forfeited as a result of our companions. We are warned many times in the Scriptures about the influence others have on our lives. If we expect to see God’s blessings realized in our lives, we have to consider the importance of our friendships and close relationships.

The Bible tells us in our text that the blessed man “walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly.” Where do we get our advice? The blessed man does not get his wisdom from the “ungodly.” The wisdom of the world prevents the flow of blessings coming into our lives. Even professing Christians can give “ungodly” counsel. God’s Word and His wisdom will lead us in the paths of blessing if we will obey and follow. The “counsel of the ungodly” will lead us away from God’s perfect will.

We also see in our text that the blessed man does not stand “in the way of sinners.” The word way means “a path, road, or course of life.” The blessed man does not travel the same road, is not moving in the same direction, and does not go “in the way of sinners.” We will not be blessed if we live like the unsaved, enjoying their entertainment, depending on their company, and accepting their values. God blesses sincere and godly separation. We are to be a separate and holy people. We seek to win the unsaved, but we do not seek their approval. God warned His people when they came into the land of Canaan not to learn their ways.

There is another area where our companions are linked to our being blessed. The Word of God says the blessed man does not sit “in the seat of the scornful.” Happy and blessed will be the man who avoids the company of the scoffers and mockers. The conversations of the critical and negative will not bring blessing to any life. As a truth, we know that the words of the wicked are powerful, described in the Bible as arrows. They wound and afflict the soul. If we want to experience God’s blessing in our lives, we must make certain to restrict our company according to the counsel of His Word.