Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“Who delivered us from so great a death, and doth deliver: in whom we trust that he will yet deliver us.”┬áII Corinthians 1:10

It is that time of the year again, when we find ourselves at the conclusion of one year and poised at the threshold of another. This naturally provides a profitable time of reflection. It is a time to look back, to inventory where we are, and to think about the future. As Paul testifies to the Corinthian church, he expresses a steady confidence in God’s deliverance, even in times of intense affliction. The faithful soldier spoke of God’s past deliverance, “Who delivered us,” his present victory, “and doth deliver,” as well as the promise of future victory, “in whom we trust that he will yet deliver us.”

This commentary provides a great source of encouragement and hope for what lies ahead. Like the apostle, we should be thankful for the victories of the past. God has been good to us and has brought us through many challenging times. Any serious thoughts about the unknowns that lie ahead should include a remembrance of how God has helped us in the past. By His grace, He has saved us, placed us in a caring body of believers, and has seen us through every trial and helped us grow in times of adversity. There has been grace for every mile of the way. We must pause to offer thanksgiving and praise for His past deliverance.

Presently, our gracious Lord is providing for us and sustaining us in His will. We tend to spend most of our time either looking back or looking forward, but God is our ever-present Redeemer. He revealed Himself to Moses as the I AM. He presently is all that He ever has been or ever will be. Psalm 46:1 describes the Lord as a “very present help.” It is not wise to think of our Savior only in past or futuristic terms, but to trust Him in the present.

Because He has been and remains our sufficiency, we have every reason to be full of optimism about the days that lie ahead. The future truly is as bright as the promises of God. In the Scripture, Paul said, “we trust that he will yet deliver us.” This is a confession of faith based on God’s sure promises and His past and present provisions. These are days for faith-filled living. God’s power is not diminished, nor have His promises been revoked. He can be trusted. As we launch out into the uncharted waters of a New Year, let it be with confidence that He will both guide and provide.