Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“If his offering be a burnt sacrifice of the herd, let him offer a male without blemish: he shall offer it of his own voluntary will at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation before the LORD.”┬áLeviticus 1:3

The Word of God gives many specific details concerning the laws given to Moses, which governed Israel’s sacrifices and worship. This Scripture has to do with the burnt offering and gives us something to think about in our individual walk and personal worship, the importance of the “voluntary will.” The offering was not to be forced or coerced.

We are thus reminded of the sacrifice pictured in this offering of our Savior. He was a male sacrifice for our sins, and He was without spot or blemish. The offering for our sin had to be sinless. For this reason, our Redeemer had to be divine and not human. No human sacrifice could be sinless. Also, Jesus gave Himself of His “own voluntary will.” He was not forced to die on the cross but laid down His life freely as a sacrifice. He was led as a silent Lamb to the slaughter. His coming to earth from Heaven and His death on the cross were the results of His being willing to be our sacrifice.

We are also reminded in this verse of Scripture of the importance of our “own voluntary will.” No one was forced to offer this sacrifice; it was purely the choice of the individual. So it is in our lives. We as Bible-believing Christians believe in individual soul liberty. A person must personally, by faith, receive Christ as his Savior. It must be a decision of his “own voluntary will.” Others may tell of Christ and urge listeners to respond in repentance and faith. The Holy Spirit can bring conviction and draw that person to Jesus and the cross. But, the decision rests with each individual to receive or reject the Savior.

The same is true concerning our daily living, worship, and service to Christ. God wants us to serve Him, love Him, and live for Him because of our “own voluntary will.” God does not make us robots; serving without desire. He wants us to want to give Him our best because we desire to. He wants us to choose to please Him, worship Him, and love Him, by our “own voluntary will.” It is our decision to live for the Lord. His Word commands us to serve Him, and His Spirit compels us to give our lives for His service. We must personally, by our “own voluntary will,” present ourselves to Him as living sacrifices.