Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“Every day will I bless thee; and I will praise thy name for ever and ever.”¬†Psalm 145:2

There are many things in life that require our attention and need to be addressed with consistency. We have domestic duties that must be attended to regularly. There are vocational responsibilities that demand our faithful participation. However, even with these important obligations there are occasional days of rest and vacation. But, there are some things that should be done every day. The Psalmist reminds us that “every day” we are to bless the Lord and give Him praise. Every day of our lives there ought to be moments of gratitude and giving glory to God.

It is reasonable that we would bless the Lord, giving Him thanks and praise, every day. Every day we enjoy His blessings and provision. The air that we breathe and the health we enjoy come from His good hand. The strength and desire to serve are the results of His grace in our lives. He watches over us with care, directs our steps, and establishes our thoughts daily. He never slumbers nor sleeps. There is not a thought in our minds that He does not know; He sees us each time we stand or sit and is there to lift us when we fall. He is certainly deserving of our daily praise. Many things in our lives are constantly changing. Our feelings fluctuate and our attitudes are not always the same, but there is a constant in this world that shall forever remain the same. God never changes and is, at all times, worthy of our sincere praise.

Most of us would admit that we could be more consistent in the daily exercise of giving Him thanks and praise. May our hearts be stirred by the testimony of David and our resolve be expressed in his words, “Every day will I bless thee.” This matter of daily praise brings a dimension of appreciation and God-consciousness that is not experienced nor enjoyed by many. The more our minds are fixed on the Lord, the more our hearts are thoughtful of Him, the more we see Him in our daily experiences, the more vital and dynamic our spiritual lives will be. Can we not find ample reasons even now to give Him thanks and praise? The Psalmist continued by saying, “I will praise thy name for ever and ever.” This will be one of our eternal privileges, throughout the centuries and millenniums, to daily give God honor and glory. Why not begin today?