Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“Of Zebulun, such as went forth to battle, expert in war, with all instruments of war, fifty thousand, which could keep rank: they were not of double heart.” I Chronicles 12:33

The Word of God chronicles the trained warriors who came to David in Hebron, as there was a transferring of the kingdom from Saul to David. Their loyalty and service would now be to David. From the tribe of Zebulun, there were fifty thousand, “expert in war, with all instruments of war.” These were prepared and capable men, equipped to use the weapons of warfare. In addition, these men of war were able to “keep rank.” They were apparently more disciplined than those from the other families. The commentary given about these soldiers spoke highly of their training and courage, and the contribution they could make to David’s army.

The Scripture gives us another detail concerning these men: “they were not of double heart.” These military men were not divided in their loyalty. They could be counted on to be sincere. They would not pretend to be with David, but in their hearts maintain allegiance to Saul’s family. What might a military leader desire in his troops? He would want men who were disciplined and could keep rank. He would prefer soldiers who were proficient with their weapons and willing to learn to prepare for all aspects of war. But, any field commander would also insist that his men be loyal. Field training and combat preparation are extremely valuable, but loyalty is a necessity. Certain aspects of basic training have to do with physical equipment, discipline, and obedience to commands. But, loyalty has to do with character.

As good soldiers of Jesus Christ, we are to prepare and train to serve our Savior that we might war a good warfare. It is important that we wear the armor of God, recognize who the real enemy is, be familiar with the enemy’s tactics, and be courageous on the field of battle. It is also required that we be men and women of single heart, loyal to our Lord and His cause. It is for this reason that we are instructed to avoid entanglements with the affairs of this life. Our allegiance is to the Lord – our King and Captain – and to His Word. Faithful soldiers strictly obey their superior’s commands. We are also to be loyal to our fellow soldiers and commanders. Those who serve with us should never have to question our loyalty.