Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.”¬†Psalm 50:15

This is the heart of God for His people. He wants us to call upon Him. Our Father created mankind with the intention that we might fellowship with Him. This is a very basic and profoundly important concept concerning our purpose. God desires that we seek Him sincerely and frequently. He wants to be included in our thoughts and our plans. We are privileged to walk with God, in communion with the Almighty, in a life of faith. Particularly, the Scripture tells us that we can call upon God “in the day of trouble.” Trouble comes in many forms and degrees. There are troubles of our own making and difficulties that come because of our identification with Christ. Some problems are small and fairly easy to manage, while others are life-changing and overwhelming.

For those who know the Lord in a personal way, through faith in Jesus Christ, we do not have to face our troubles alone. He is always with us and available to assist us. He invites us to call upon Him when we are in trouble. For some of us, we have to admit that sometimes we are more prone to call upon the Lord when we are in trouble. There seems to be this tendency to neglect our personal relationship with the Lord when things are going well for us; but when adversity comes, we see the need to consult the Lord.

In reality, we turned to the Lord to trust Him as Savior because of our troubles. For some, those troubles may have originated with problems in our health, finances, personal relationships, or otherwise. But, they led to our realizing our biggest problems were not physical or emotional, but spiritual. Our greatest dilemma was our spiritually lost condition and the eternal doom that awaited us. Thanks be to God for His promise to “deliver thee.”

When we cry out to God in our troubles, He is there to deliver us. He wants to help us, to comfort us when we are in despair, to guide us when we do not know the way, to protect us when we are in danger, and to befriend us when we are lonely. What a Savior is Jesus our Lord! He has delivered us in so many ways when we have called upon Him. When He comes to our aid in times of trouble, we understand the remaining portion of the text, “thou shalt glorify me.” Our hearts are full of gratitude and praise for the way He comes to us and delivers us in times of trouble.