Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“And he said, O LORD God of my master Abraham, I pray thee, send me good speed this day, and shew kindness unto my master Abraham.”¬†Genesis 24:12

Abraham had sent his servant many miles away to Nahor, to look for a suitable wife for his son Isaac. Imagine the tremendous responsibility involved in this assignment. We know that this servant must have been extremely faithful and reliable for Abraham to entrust him with such a sensitive and challenging task. We also know that the servant took his duty very seriously, for the Scripture tells us that he was praying about it. Something in this prayer provides a great example for all. The servant of Abraham requested that the Lord would bless his journey and his efforts, and that in doing so, God would “shew kindness unto my master Abraham.” He was concerned with seeing his master blessed. The servant wanted to see God guide him and bless him so that Abraham’s desires and needs would be fulfilled.

What would you like for God to do for those you work for or serve? This is a unique perspective for a servant to have. He wanted to see God show kindness to his master. Too often in our day, servants are only interested in their personal needs or goals, not in the goals of their leader. We should apply this wisdom to our relationships with those we are serving, working for, or working under. This servant’s attitude is not always seen in those who are working for, or responsible to, someone else. For instance, children want their parents to meet their needs, but they probably seldom think of the needs of their parents. Employees want the boss to know what they need, but how much thought is given to what the boss might need? Too often employees or servants, those who work for others, are only interested in what will benefit themselves.

Having the attitude of Abraham’s servant could greatly influence our lives. For instance, we should consistently pray for those we are responsible to serve, that God would bless them and show kindness to them. We can be certain that every person in a place of leadership would greatly appreciate having people under them who are concerned for the success of their superiors, as much as they are their own. Abraham’s servant was committed to trusting the Lord to help him in his mission, so that his master’s goals might be accomplished.