Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way.”¬†Psalm 25:9

There are great promises in the Bible to those who demonstrate the attribute of meekness. The word meek is a frequently misunderstood term. Some define meekness as a form or synonym of weakness, but this is certainly not accurate. A better meaning of meekness would be “mild of temper, not easily provoked or irritated, humble, submissive to God’s will.” Jesus was “meek and lowly in heart,” (Matthew 11:29), and He was certainly not weak. Jesus is the Almighty God – the Creator of all that is, and yet He was always submissive to the Father and always under control.

The Scripture teaches that meekness is a prerequisite for learning God’s ways and being led in His judgment. God wants to teach us His ways and impart to us His wisdom. We are invited to learn of Him. Jesus said “learn of me” (Matthew 11:29). A disciple is a learner and the Lord is our instructor. Obviously, He uses others to teach us; and we know the Bible is our textbook. But, He is the One who wants to give us knowledge and wisdom. We need God’s wisdom and we need to know and follow His way. He promises these things to the meek.

Why is meekness a requirement for being taught by God? Without meekness, there can be little learning. Without meekness, there will be no real desire to learn. Without meekness, the student will not be teachable. Some people are not able to learn because they are too prideful; they are unwilling to admit that their way may not be the best way. When someone is not willing to acknowledge his need and confess that he wants a better way, he is not in a position to learn. It is hard to teach someone who thinks he knows everything or is unwilling to change. Without meekness, we are not willing to see where we are wrong. Without meekness, we are not open to instruction or correction.

Notice He says that He will teach “his way.” We need to learn His way, not our way. Only the meek will prefer God’s way instead of their own ways. Many will never accept God’s way because they are only interested in their ways. All of us have much to learn, and God wants to teach us. He promised that the Holy Spirit would guide us into truth. If we will be good students and eager learners, “the meek will he teach his way.”