Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“The just man walketh in his integrity: his children are blessed after him.”┬áProverbs 20:7

Is it possible that our descendants will actually be blessed as a result of the way we live our lives? Could our integrity cause others to benefit? The Word of God makes it clear that the way we live affects others, particularly our children.

As Christian parents, we want to do what we can for our children. There is nothing in life more important than taking seriously the training of our children. We want to provide for their basic needs, teach them right from wrong, protect them from many of the destructive temptations of the world, live before them as positive role models and good examples, and transfer to their generation the values we hold dear. However, there is something else that we can do for those we so dearly love. The Scripture tells us that when the just man walks in his integrity, “his children are blessed after him.” One of the best things we can do for our families, especially our children, is to have a sincere walk with the Lord. Walking before the Lord with an honest heart is good for us, and it is pleasing to the Savior. Furthermore, it will have a positive impact on our children.

This is true in the natural realm because they witness our godly living. Young people need to see parents who have a genuine walk with God. Few things are more potentially damaging to children as witnessing parents who live hypocritically – professing to love the Lord yet serving the flesh and the world. Not only will children be encouraged spiritually by the lives they see their parents live, but God actually promises special blessing to those who follow us.

It is hard to understand how someone claims to know Christ, yet lives with little or no regard for the way his life will affect others. Our lives are touching and influencing the lives of others. I think if more parents understood this passage, they would have a greater motivation to live a righteous life. We should want to live godly because it is God’s will and because we want to please Him.

We are also encouraged to let the Lord continually work in our lives and strive to obey Him because we will answer to Him one day. We are interested in our personal reward and accounting before Him. We are also motivated to deny ourselves and to wholly live for Christ; because one day it will result in blessings coming to our children.