Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“Though the LORD be high, yet hath he respect unto the lowly: but the proud he knoweth afar off.” Psalm 138:6

Could God be mindful of such as we? The psalmist reminds us that, “the LORD be high.” He is exalted above all. His majesty and greatness is higher than the heavens. There are no earthly rulers to compare to Him. He has all power and glory. The earth is His footstool. The winds and waves obey Him. The sun and moon fulfill His command. He is without equal. Does He know us? Does He care for us? Why would the Creator of all be interested in us? The Bible says that He has “respect unto the lowly.” From His high and lofty position, the infinite and unchanging God has concern for the humble. Even though He is lofty, He respects the needy. God’s attention is on the base and insignificant.

This is one of the great comforts to the sincere seekers among us. Jesus notices the unnoticed. He observed the widow as she gave her meagerly mites and proclaimed that her giving exceeded the others. He saw the blind and crippled along the roadside, and He heard and healed the one that others would have bypassed. What a kind and gracious God we know and serve! The beggarly Lazarus, after breathing his last humble breath, was carried by the angels to Paradise. The world is blessed with multitudes of lowly children of God, not known for extravagance or wealth, not honored for accomplishments, yet having the respect of the King of all kings and Lord of all lords.

Perhaps you are one of them or you have known of their kind. There are those who will never see their name in print or hear the applause of men, yet the Bible clearly declares that God is watching over them. He respects the lowly, but “the proud he knoweth afar off.” God is near to the humble, but He keeps His distance from the proud.

How many times men sacrifice the fellowship of God for the praise of men. Let us all be warned of the danger of thinking of ourselves more highly than we ought. God is not impressed with our reviews or achievements. We need to learn to walk humbly with our God. He respects the lowly, but ignores the proud. Our pride will always hinder fellowship with the Savior. Let any recognition we receive be directed to the only One worthy of praise, the Lord of glory. God promises to be near to us as we walk before Him in humility.