Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart: for I am called by thy name, O LORD God of hosts.”┬áJeremiah 15:16

Jeremiah is testifying concerning his attitude toward the words of God that were given to him. We notice that Jeremiah’s language reveals that he was convinced that they were indeed God’s words, saying “Thy words,” and “thy word.” This is such a simple, yet powerful thing to consider. The way we view the Bible will have profound effect on how the Bible affects us. There are those who approach the Bible critically, seeking to find some discrepancy or holding it to be the words of mortals rather than the very Word of God. Their unbelief hinders them from experiencing the mighty power of God’s Word working in them. The words that Jeremiah found were not always pleasant words for those to whom he delivered them. The words announced severe judgment and identified false prophets that plagued the people. It was because of these words that Jeremiah found himself persecuted and in prison. Nevertheless, when he found God’s Word, he received it. Even though the message was severe and unpopular, he laid hold upon it. He said, “I did eat them.” He took God’s Word into his heart and life. “I did eat them” paints a vivid picture of how we are to ingest God’s Word.

It is one thing to read the Bible or hear the Bible; it is another thing to engraft it into our lives. We are not to simply consider the Bible; we are to commit to the Bible. Jeremiah spoke of the truth as “the joy and rejoicing of mine heart.” What a positive attitude toward the Word of God! He placed great value on God’s Word. We all should seek to cultivate a similar appetite for the Bible. Reading and loving the Bible is not the only thing that is required of consistent and growing Christians, but it is one thing that cannot be ignored. So often, we have found it to be true, that when a brother is struggling in His Christian walk, there has been neglect of the Word of God. Jeremiah said he greatly rejoiced in the Scriptures because of his identity: “for I am called by thy name.” This should be a characteristic of God’s children, those who are called by His name. There is something missing in the life of a professing Christian who is not interested in the Word of God. How can one love the Lord and not delight in what He has to say?