Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“He that walketh uprightly, and worketh righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart.”¬†Psalm 15:2

What kind of character does God require of those that will abide with Him? Can we identify the expectations that the Lord places on those who will live with Him? Our text indicates to us that God is interested in every area of our lives. This person who occupies the blessed and privileged place of dwelling where God is must order his walk, his work, and his words. We cannot expect to have close fellowship with the Creator and lead undisciplined and careless lives. As the Holy Spirit is allowed to fill our lives, His grace helps us bring these areas under His holy influence and control.

When the Bible uses the word “walketh,” we can assume it has to do with our manner and conduct of life. The word “uprightly” carries with it the meaning of “entirety or completeness.” Our walk has to do with every aspect of our daily lives, both before men and before God. Our walk must be proper and according to righteousness. An upright walk would be consistent with the Word of God. To walk uprightly, we must “walk in the light, as he is in the light” (I John 1:7). One cannot live where God lives if he is not serious about a life of integrity and uprightness.

This person is also to be one that “worketh righteousness.” In order to dwell in God’s holy hill, our work needs to be pleasing to God. God’s people are active people. We have a great work to do. We do not work in order to be saved. Because we are saved, we have a concern for God’s work. We have responsibilities and duties. God never promised to bless slothfulness. The person who will be able to live where God is must be working to do what is right in his family, on the job, in the community, as well as at church.

He also “speaketh the truth in his heart.” If there is anything that God takes seriously, it is truth. We must speak the truth. David tells us that the man or woman who hopes to live where God is must be honest in his heart. It is one thing to say something that is true, and yet another to affirm it in our hearts. We can be certain that God has no interest in the company of hypocrites. Insincerity, flattery, and deceit cannot be allowed in the life of the serious child of God. If we are going to dwell where God lives, we must be sincere and honest with God, others, and ourselves.