Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“LORD, who shall abide in thy tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill?”¬†Psalm 15:1

David asked two questions in expressing the same sentiment. The basic question is “Who can live where God lives?” Who can enjoy or experience close communion or fellowship with God? These are important questions to consider. He then proceeds to answer those questions in the remaining verses of Psalm 15. In this powerful psalm, God gives us a list of requirements for abiding in His presence. It would be worth our effort to take some time and consider the important matter of dwelling where God is. It presents great challenges for us to ponder.

In the Bible, God often uses illustrations or object lessons to help us relate to a particular subject. In this case, we are presented with the possibility of living where God lives, or abiding where He dwells. What would be expected of a person who abided with God? Are there attitudes or behaviors that would prohibit someone from living where the Lord is? Sometimes when a property is available for rent, certain restrictions are advertised for the renters. For instance, they may not allow pets or small children. In order to live there, you must meet the expectations of the owners. This is the image we have of Psalm 15:1. To live with God, we must meet His restrictions.

It is a wonderful concept to think of dwelling where God lives, is it not? Of course, we realize that He abides or lives within the hearts of His children, and that He will never leave us nor forsake us. We also know that we will one day dwell with Him in Heaven. What a tremendous future lies ahead of us! However, the challenge before us is to experience a special and close relationship to the Lord throughout our earthly lives.

It is a great thing to be saved and to be the children of God through faith. But God wants us to experience His nearness in a real way. God created Adam that they might enjoy fellowship together. Of course, sin marred that fellowship. But through Jesus Christ, we can be restored to the place of communion with God. He wants us to draw near to Him. He does not want us to follow Him from a distance.

Not every one has the desire to be close to where God is. Do you want to walk near Him? Do you want to live where God is? Are you willing to honor His restrictions that you might abide close to Him?