Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“Having confidence in thy obedience I wrote unto thee, knowing that thou wilt also do more than I say.”¬†Philemon 21

Paul was writing to Philemon, a brother in the Lord and a fellow laborer. The primary subject of the epistle was a former servant of Philemon named Onesimus. Paul had led Onesimus to Christ while in prison. Paul sent this note to Philemon asking that Philemon might receive Onesimus, and forgive him of any wrong he had done. In his appeal to Philemon, Paul stated in our text that he was confident that his friend would not only obey his request, but also “do more than I say.”

How many people do we know that are like that, who will do more than is requested of them? More importantly, how much are we like that? Could others write to us and be confident that we will fulfill their requests and even do more than they ask? Have you ever been in a place of business, and those who were supposed to be there to help you seemed indifferent or even irritated by your presence? It is reflective of the great dearth in our society of a servant’s spirit. People who are receiving a salary to serve others are bothered that they are asked to serve. A general lack of respect and obsession with self is producing generations who are woefully lacking in the category of serving others.

As a rule, it seems that the majority of people are committed to expending the minimum amount of time or energy that is required. By contrast, all businesses are not the same. In some places of business, employees have been trained to welcome and cheerfully assist their customers. It is refreshing to see a service-oriented approach to helping consumers. As a matter of fact, it has been discovered that a customer-friendly atmosphere has a pronounced and positive affect on retaining customers. Some businesses have built a reputation of doing everything in their power to please their patrons. You can usually tell the difference.

As Christians, we should be willing to do more than is required. We must resist the temptation to be too concerned with our own agendas to assist others. God is looking for faithful workers who are willing to do more than is required. Why not decide to be one of God’s special servants in going the second mile? After all, our Savior cut no corners in His willingness to serve us. Why not follow His example? He does more for us than we could ever ask or think.