Pastor Thomas Smith   -  

“My meditation of him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the LORD.”¬†Psalm 104:34

We are frequently reminded of the importance of our thought life. Our minds can easily wander. We can find ourselves thinking of negative things or daydreaming aimlessly. Our thinking will ultimately influence our emotions or feelings, and finally our actions. To gain control of our spiritual lives demands that we must first get control of our minds. Peter said it this way: “Wherefore gird up the loins of your mind” (I Peter 1:13). We have to pull our thoughts together.

The passage we are considering is concerned with more than just casual thoughts, but with “meditation.” “Meditation” means “to contemplate, to dwell on, and to think through.” Meditation involves a deliberate attempt to keep our minds focused on a particular subject or thought, allowing the thoughts to muse or ponder them deeply. In our text, the psalmist gives us some great advice on the content with which our minds should be absorbed: “My meditation of him.” Our meditation, and our contemplation, should be of Christ.

Meditation alone is not the answer if we are not meditating on the proper things. We are taught in other places to meditate on the Word of God, as well as meditate on Him. We should meditate on His goodness. Meditate on the sacrifice of the cross and the sufficiency of His atoning death. Meditate on the power of His resurrection. Meditate on His intercessory ministry for us in Heaven. Meditate on His promise to return for us.

Our “meditation of him shall be sweet.” It is pleasant to meditate upon the Lord that we serve and ponder His infinite grace and mercy. We also see in our Scripture the fruit of our thoughts. “I will be glad in the LORD.” Our meditation on Him will produce joy and peace in our hearts. There are so many opportunities in our lives to worry and be stressful. Many things seek to steal our joy and victory as Christians. When we allow our minds to be dominated with the negative and are consumed with our problems, it is no wonder that our gladness is replaced with sadness. Meditating on Christ will not cause our problems to disappear, but it will help us keep the right perspective as far as our problems are concerned. There is Someone larger than our struggles. Think about it. Think about Him.